Automotive Supplier Finder

Automotive Supplier Finder (ASF) is an online, easy to use service designed to match buyers to suppliers specifically for automotive industry. It holds information on thousands of companies across the UK and the rest of the world across over 4,000 product and service classifications. How you can use ASF

  • Search all aspects of the automotive industry from design and development and manufacturing of vehicles and components through to production and after sales, servicing, IT, disposal and recycling.
  • Use the search tools to find suppliers by company name, products and services or company brands.
  • View company details.
  • As a buyer, send requests for quotations (RFQ) or requests for information (RFI) to relevant suppliers.
  • As a supplier, receive and respond to requests for quotations.

Create and Send an RFQ/RFI

Buyers can search for suppliers by products and services and issue requests for information (RFI) or requests for quotation (RFQ) through the site to the suppliers meeting a set of pre defined criteria.

The service significantly speeds up the purchasing process for buyers as well as reducing the burden often found in lengthy traditional purchasing procedures.

Benefits of using RFQ/RFI:

  • The service is free of charge for all buyers to issue Public or Private requests for quotations or requests for information.
  • Search by product and service keywords and set your required criteria for example location, quality standards and capabilities etc.
  • ASF holds information on thousands of company sites and over 4,000 product and service categories making it the most comprehensive and up-to-date source of information about the industry.
  • Quick and easy management of RFQs sent and received.
  • Keep your company details up to date using the ASFedit to ensure you receive only the relevant requests.